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Festive Feasts Cookbook [PDF]

by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson
This fascinating cookbook offers the modern cook a tempting selection of ten historical feasts from around the world.Drawn from a vast range of sources, the recipes are compiled and described in their historical context by the author, an expert in recreating historical recipes.From the lavish dishes of the Mughal emperors to the exotic cuisine of the Aztecs, all fifty recipes have been thoroughly modernized and tested, and each menu comes complete with alternative ingredients and serving suggestions.
A perfect gift for year-round entertaining, Festive Feasts Cookbook is beautifully designed and features sumptuous color pictures of food and feasting, including period paintings, illuminated manuscripts, decorative ceramics, prints, and etchings.With lively introductions that provide a cultural background for the recipes, this book has much to offer those interested in creative cooking within a historical context.

Festive Feasts Cookbook includes:
The Return of Odysseus: A Homeric Banquet
The 1001 Arabian Nights: Feasting with the Caliph 
Dining at the Court of Lucrezia Borgia
Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast
Banqueting with Mughal Emperors
The Cuisine of the Aztecs
Dinner with Queen Elizabeth I
Jewish Passover Supper: Centuries of Tradition
An Imperial Birthday Banquet in the Forbidden City
Georgian Christmas with Parson Woodforde

Co-published with The British Museum Press, U.K.
The Wisconsin edition is for sale only in the U.S.A. and it's dependencies, Canada, and the Philippines.
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