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Autism and Asperger Syndrome [PDF]

by Patricia Howlin
This book was "almost enlightened."

Good points:

1. ***Included direct perspectives from actual autistic adults***;

2. Well structured and well written;

3. Did not contain pseudo-science, snake-oil, or bizarre myths presented as facts—information presented in book is all well-grounded in science, or clearly noted as anecdotal;

4. Presented a wide variety of different ideas and viewpoints, and acknowledged that as human beings, no two autistics are the same;

5. Very practical orientation;

6. Strong acknowledgment that certain stereotypes are WRONG (e.g. autistics can't have intimate relations);

7. Strong acknowledgment that autistic individuals are valuable human beings;

7. Specific focus of the necessity of appropriate living supports and the irrelevance of "cure;"

8. Serves alternately as a nice literature review—the bibliography itself makes this book valuable.

Bad points:

1. While the ideas in some sections of the book clearly came from social models of disability, the overall tone and language was mostly driven by medical views (e.g. lots of "deficit" language);

2. The worst advice I've ever seen is to not tell an autistic WHY something needs to be done—WTF?!

3. There seemed to be a bit of "autistics don't have feelings or awareness of minds" Baron-Cohen type theory (not too much, but more than I'd like).

4. The usual misunderstandings about the reasons behind some behaviors (although overall the book has WAY less of that than most literature I've seen on the topic)

Overall, a book I definitely recommend to parents, professionals, and adults on the spectrum who are interested in reading such stuff.Not perfect, but way better than most of what's out there.

While the title implies the book is about "preparing for adulthood," the content actually has applicablity to all age groups, depending on the section.
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Thank you! Great book!

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