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To Master Self Is to Master Life [PDF]

by St. Germain
Our whole life is about self-mastery, from the time we are born until we die. It is why we are on earth, facing problems and gaining self-mastery through solving them. In To Master Self is to Master Life, Philip Burley, spiritual medium of more than two decades, shares the intimate guidance he received from above and his own efforts at spiritual self-mastery, led by his spiritual master and teacher, Saint Germain. For one year, before sunrise each Sunday morning, the 18th century spiritual adept descended from spirit to meet and speak with Philip, who recorded in writing everything the master shared. All communications were given to teach Philip (or anyone) what it takes if a student earnestly desires to correctly and safely open his spiritual senses, which could lead naturally to full-fledged mediumship for the sake of oneself and/or others. Saint Germain, in sharing his own thoughts and conviction, said, "I give this message to awakening humanity. ... Awaken to responsibility assumed by taking up self-mastery in love! ... Be masters of yourselves now, and arrive here to glimpse that perfection in all that awaits you, to reflect that earthly journey you presently call life. It is life only if it is of God, if it contains God. This above all is the prerequisite of self-mastery." A classic, To Master Self is to Master Life contains timeless wisdom, conveying many truths that will inspire and lead the reader to a better understanding of the spirit world and the latent, natural spiritual gifts that lie deeply hidden in each one of us.
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