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Maximize Your Quality Of Life, The 200% Solution [PDF]

by Thomas Matt
Improve Your Health, Fitness, Finances and Sex Life?Most of the fad diets and fitness gimmicks miss the bigger picture, at least if you want to make a lasting change. As the host of the talk show “Boomers Rock,” I interview experts about how to improve your life and make lasting change. I constantly surprise myself by what I learn from my guests.

Your Brain Matters Most
The most surprising thing I learned is how critical it is to eat the nutritional food your brain needs to thrive. The next most critical thing was how important it is to exercise your brain so that the neural connections grow stronger.

Feed Your Brain, Fix Your Attitude, and Strengthen Your Mind

That’s right, your brain, spinal cord, and entire neural network can grow stronger if you eat the right foods and exercise your brain by learning new skills and challenging yourself. You also have to feed your brain with the right mindset for success.

That’s three things you have to do correctly, but the good part is that you will immediately experience the benefits once you begin. It builds up over time, but the benefits start if you work to improve your life.

And it won’t feel like work. It will feel good.

The Best Time of Your Life Is Now

Some people think that the point of living is to retire and doing nothing, but that will hasten the aging process for most of us. It may lead to poor health, medical bills, and further stress. The point of living is to enjoy the life we have right now, and the best way to do that is to improve our quality of life, starting now.

If you want to think more clearly during the day and sleep better at night, The 200% Solution will help you.

If you want to have the energy to take advantage of everything you have learned in your life, The 200% Solution will help you.

Tom Matt
Tom Matt, an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, has spent the past two years interviewing dozens of experts in the field of fitness, nutrition, finance, and brain health, for his Internet talk show, "Boomers Rock." Now he has pulled together all the lessons he's learned into "Maximize Your Quality Of Life — The 200% Solution."

Tom's story inspires while offering instruction. It demonstrates that any person can improve their life while also helping those around them.

People relate to these stories because they are offered by someone who learned the lessons the hard way. They may guide you, inspire you, or just entertain you. Aren't you ready to maximize your quality of life?
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