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Become the Squeaky wheel, a credit & collections guide [PDF]

by Michelle Dunn
This Credit and Collections Guide for Everyone is loaded full of tools that will help you:

Improve your collection techniques and procedures

Learn how to read a credit report

Learn how to extend credit

Learn Federal and State credit laws

Learn about interest and late fees

And most importantly, learn how to be in control of your accounts receivable and not let it control you. The clear benefit of this book is to help you obtain and retain good paying customers, therefore enabling you to spend more time at what you are good at and increase your cash flow. This great jam- packed book includes all the laws you need to know when collecting money.

This is a valuable Manual you will want to keep on your desk and refer back to time after time.

have been in the credit and collections field since 1987. I never aspired to be a debt collector, I just kind of fell into it. I was living in RI and moved to NH and went out looking for an office job. I found a job at a company that makes cedar shoe trees, as an Accounts Receivable clerk. I then took over the Collections aspect of the job and found I liked it and did a great job at it. I have been doing it ever since. One of the things I like about collection work is that you can see your results. I also like making people happy and one of the things that make people happy is receiving money. So I make my collection calls and send my letters and money comes in and everyone is happy, except maybe the person who had to send the money

I have been a Credit Manager are quite a few different companies and written credit and collection policies for many companies. I have tried to give you an example of some of those policies in this book. Some of the information may not work with your specific line of business but there is something for everyone in this book.

This can be used as a guide for your own credit policy. You can use parts of this policy or adjust any parts of it to fit your business. You can also just use parts of it or all of it.
[PDF] Become the Squeaky wheel, a credit & collections guide download

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Thank you! Great book!

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