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All the Rage [PDF]

by Aaron McGruder

Well I do have to admit that the whole 'banned strips' section at the back was a bit of a letdown, with mostly nothing you haven't seen before. Clearly a publisher's gimmick to make people buy the book. But here's the thing, Andrews McMeel: why bother? Aaron McGruder is a genius ( Birth of a Nation notwithstanding) and he doesn't need your bullshit trickery to make people buy anything his beautiful hands have touched.

The other thing is that, by putting all the interviews and articles one right after the other like this, you kind of start to hate the interviewers a little, because you see that everyone asks the same goddamn questions. Hello? Originality maybe? We all know how and why he's angry, we've heard about the scandal with the post-September 11th strips, and we're tired of hearing him obfuscate and hedge about all the fallen-through TV deals that preceded The Boondocks being picked up by Adult Swim. Anything else please? Like who were his influences and what his friends are like and what kind of socks he wears and whether he will go on a date with me perhaps? (Obvs I'm not a journalist either, but still.)

Anyway, no matter. Clearly why don't you have this book in your bathroom yet? It's amazing.


Ok, this is totally not me cheating on Pynchon — I am still firmly ensconced in Against the Day — but sometimes a girl needs a break, you know?

And ok, though I was kinda sorta trying to deny it, I have to admit that I have a really serious crush on Aaron McGruder. In addition to tons and tons of strips, All the Rage has a collection of interviews, articles, and other stuff by and about Aaron, and he is just as articulate, furious, passionate, and humble as you would hope. Apparently the last section of the book is all the strips that were banned (or got the strip canceled) from various newspapers, but I read books from start to finish and haven't gotten there yet.

Holy crap The Boondocks is fucking great.
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