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The Russian Revolution, 1917-1918 (The Russian Revolution, Volume I) [PDF]

by William Henry Chamberlin
I'm reading book two of this—the Russian Civil War and period of War Communism. A clear concise history, a little military, a little political, a little social.Nice overview, Chamberlin has no obvious bones to pick—and as such, the work's a little bland for entertainment purposes, but a good sense of the significance of events for research—so many histories of the period I've been reading are so dense with 'trees' (political or military)—that one absolutely loses the forest. Not a replacement for such brilliant histories as Alexander Rabinowich's The Bolsheviks in Power, or very bone-in, like Deutscher's The Prophet Armed about Trotsky.Right now I'm quite partial to social history (more useful for the novelist) such as Sheila Fitzpatrick's work, and McAuleys essential Bread andJustice... and contemporary memoirs of the period... so an overview that's a bit bland and simplistic but absolutely clear on the most major political and military events is exactly what I needed right now.A very useful reference.
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Thank you! Great book!

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