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LZR-1143 (LZR-1143, #3) [PDF]

by Bryan James
The much anticipated third book of the LZR-1143 series: a post-apocalyptic, action-packed zombie collection!

Book One: LZR-1143: Infection
Book Two: LZR-1143: Evolution
Book Three: LZR-1143: Redemption

The infection came first, hordes of undead bringing mankind swiftly to its knees. Despair and misery followed, as the remaining survivors fought the living dead—and one another—for a slim chance at survival.

Through the pain and the destruction, Mike McKnight has somehow survived. With the world's population on the brink of extinction, Mike and his friends have struggled to find a vaccine to this plague that threatens total, global annihilation of the human species.

Now, on the verge of turning back the tide, the success of a vaccine hinges on a dangerous, cross-country journey from Washington, D.C., to Seattle. Mike and his friends must find a way across a nation shattered by the undead, and through a world of horrors—human and zombie alike.

The clock is ticking and time is not on their side.

Over the blasted and haunted wasteland that was the United States of America, they fight the scourge of the undead and the hands of time, hoping against hope that the next sunset is not their last. That somehow, they can help mankind find what it needs most in its hour of peril: redemption.
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Thank you! Great book!

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