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Northern Light [PDF]

by Stephen Turner
In October 2013, two accountants and a normal human being visited Iceland, looking for the beauty of its surroundings, the warmth of its people and the possibility of the famous Northern Lights. While they were there they stumbled across deserts, sandstorms, an outdoor swimming pool on the side of a mountain, and some fine quality soups. It all seemed worthy of writing a book about, so I did.

What the critics say:
"You should sell it" - My Mom
"My mate Geoff says it's really good" - My Dad
"Did you really just compare a major world religion to the Macarena?"
"Loved the chapter where you described, in detail, how you drove to nowhere in the dark"
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1. Persia Emily | 30.06.2016 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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