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B4 [PDF]

by Kennesaw Taylor
Drugs are the contest, Death is the prize, and Life is the price B4:20 is a gritty book about drug addiction. It contains Foul language and Adult Situations. Drugs are a double-edged dagger. For some the euphoria and enlightenment they provide help to ease the stress of a world careening out of control. For others they provide a life of escalating nightmares. A life of addiction that is filled with pitfalls, misery, and in some cases death at an early age. Follow Jamie Farmer as he struggles to fill a gaping pit of despair, deep in his soul. Travel with him as he races along the reaper's road to destruction. Experience the severity of each new addiction. Watch as those addictions slither toward the pit to become demons themselves. Feel the hopelessness as he tries desperately to bury his nightmares before they escape to run amuck in his mind. Drugs are an enlightenment on their best days and a dark deep decent into despair on the others. The truth of life is there, hidden below the surface, but it is a trap. Be careful what you search for; let all things come in their own time. Many are trippin', down the reaper's road, some take an exit ramp along the way, others, like Jamie, do not. Editorial Review: "As a retired New York City Police Department Detective, I dealt with a lot of addicts. When I dealt with an addict or user I only saw the bad in them and never cared about their back story. I learned a lot from this book, it really opened my eyes. I have not been much of a reader for many years, but I devoured this. It had a flow that kept me coming back for more. This is a glimpse into the inner workings of an addicts mind and the determination of the human spirit to fight on against all odds." William Beeker, NYPD Retired
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Thank you! Great book!

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