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Marrying a Soldier [PDF]

by E McNew
Coming from a ‘his and hers’ perspective, this book covers the most important information that any new spouse should know, from family life to deployment and training, and all that’s in between; such as benefits, promotions, and living arrangements.
As a couple who recently transitioned out of Military life, (specifically the Army) we decided to write about our experience. After living an entirely different lifestyle in the Army for three years, coming back to the civilian world wasn’t easy. Small things that we hadn’t noticed before the military are now newfound pet peeves. This has caused us to reflect back on what we have learned, what we should have done differently, and the things about military life that we miss the most.
As a new wife to the Army, I had no clue what I was doing when I arrived in Fort Stewart to begin my new life. Nothing made sense, and it took me tons of embarrassment, nagging at my husband, and endless google searches to figure out the basics. I wasn’t given a handbook or manual on how to behave, either.
I purchased a book that outwardly looked helpful, but it was the same useless information I could have pulled up on the community website. This book offers honest, easy-to-read, and straight forward answers that most spouses must have upon entering into a totally new world.
As you’re reading through this content, please keep in mind that I will continuously stress that every branch of the military is different, and they all have their own set of rules, codes of conduct, protocol, and ranking systems. I will refer to a military installation as a “post” and “base” interchangeably, as different branches use different terms. I attempt to make this book as reader friendly to all spouses of military personnel, but I also write based on my own personal knowledge from my experience, which was as a spouse of a soldier in the Army. With this said, some of the information may pertain to you, or it may not. I am accepting submissions from spouses in every branch of the military, to contribute to this book, and add as much helpful information pertaining to your branch of the armed forces as possible. Please email any information you think would contribute to mcnewpublishing@gmail.com, with “Military spouse” in the subject line.
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