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Nasty Bosses [PDF]

by Jay Carter
Do you have a nasty boss? There are some bosses who have true charisma and who do their best for you. Then there are bosses who are fairly evil and full of self-interest. The evil boss knows how to invalidate you beyond your imagination. He/she knows how to get to you, hold you hostage, and dominate you. It may feel like this boss is killing your very soul. Are you mad yet? In his latest book, Nasty Bosses bestselling author and specialist in Nasty Behavior helps employees move beyond mad and learn to get even. (Nasty People, Nasty Men, and Nasty Women) this natural addition to the series provides no-nonsense insights into the behavior of the nastiest bosses, offering proven techniques for coping with every harmful moment spent with your boss. As the author outlines key personality types - from The Carrot Dangler who has a carrot on a pole and keeps telling you that if you work a little more, you may get that promotion to The Preoccupied, the boss who makes little contact, although you may get a memo from him once in a while, readers get insight into what triggers these personality types and how to troubleshoot these negative behaviors for a healthier and happier work relationship and environment.
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Thank you! Great book!

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