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Coral Snakes [PDF]

by Heather Feldman
Correlated directly to grades K-6 curriculum in the life sciences, this series describes the natural habitat of six snakes that live in North America. Students will learn fun facts about these fascinating snakes in the reptile class and how to identify different species. They will learn about the behavior of eastern and western coral snakes, what and when they like to hunt for their meals, and from what diamondbacks' rattles are made. Readers will also learn about why copperheads and cottonmouths are born with yellow tails that change to gray when they become older. They will read about how many bones are in the back of a king snake and how milk snakes got their name. Each book includes a range map. fact boxes, and full-color photographs. Coral snakes are small, brightly colored venomous elapids with black noses. Their markings of black, red, and yellow or white rings serve as a warning that coral snakes can cause harm. Readers will learn about the different behaviors of coral snakes, including that they will flatten their bodies to look larger or raise their tails lo confuse predators.
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