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Superman Exposed [PDF]

by Dean King
Book Description
Publication Date: August 5, 2012
‘Superman Exposed:The Incredible Story of the Man of Steel

How much do you really know about Superman? Why is considered a cultural icon? Why does he wear his briefs over his pants? How many Supermen are here really? Has he really been married to Lois Lane? Did they ever have any children? Why don’t you know all the answers to these questions?

The answer to the last is simple, really. You have not read a comprehensive guide to the Superman mythos which will tell you all you need to know about his history, exploits and contributions to life as we know it.

Here is your chance. This is the one ebook you would not want to pass up on of you have questions about the Man of Steel.

What’s Inside?

Included in this ebook is the publication history of the Man of Steel, his origins, his personality, his allies, his rogue's gallery and his appearance in different mediums- from the 1930's comic books to modern cinema.

Table Of Contents

Part 1 – Up, Up and Away!
Chapter 1 – The Early Days
Chapter 2 – The Golden Age
Chapter 3 – The Silver Age
Chapter 4 – The Bronze Age
Chapter 5– The Modern Age
Chapter 6 – The Post-Modern Age
Part 2 – The Man of Steel
Chapter 7 – Who is Superman?
Chapter 8 – The Fortress of Solitude
Chapter 9 – Friends and Foes
Part 3 – 'S' Marks the Superhero
Chapter 10 – Look! Up in the Sky…
Chapter 11 – The Superman Effect

Start Reading Now...

If you think you have seen, heard and read all about there is about the Man of Steel, you know nothing until you add this ebook to your collection. Its 30 pages of juicy information about the worlds first superhero is also adorned with artwork and pictures spanning seven decades of Superman's incredible career in various mediums.
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