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The Italian Marriage (Foreign Affairs) (Foreign Affairs) (Harlequin Presents, No. 2346) [PDF]

by Kathryn Ross
3.5 stars....Five years ago, Gemma had a passionate affair with Marcus Rossini.Unfortunately, things didn't work out and they broke-up.However, Gemma was pregnant.Marcus of course does the honorable thing and proposes marriage, but Gemma refuses believing his proposal is only out of duty and that he is still in love with his childhood sweetheart.

I actually really enjoyed the story and thought the hero was quite scrumptious.The heroine, on the other hand left a lot to be desired.I recognize that she was very bitter over the past and had suffered a broken heart.But hearts can mend and sometimes you really do need to let go and learn from your mistakes.She just was so bitter and shrewish at times, I just couldn't like her.She could have saved everyone a lot of pain had she just been more honest with Marcus from the beginning.She also focused on the wrong things. Things that she should have let go, she allowed to fester within her.Things she should have challenged and gone ape shit over, she just let slide.

I still enjoyed it though, and I would recommend.Other readers may actually find more redeeming attributes in the heroine and enjoy it even more.
[PDF] The Italian Marriage (Foreign Affairs) (Foreign Affairs) (Harlequin Presents, No. 2346) download

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