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The werewolf delusion [PDF]

by Ian Woodward
I ordered this book for research because I wanted to write a couple of stories about werewolves, and I thought it was important to historically ground myself in the original legends. As far as that goes, this book served well. Woodward traces the werewolf legend from its beginnings in Scandinavia and down through history to "today" (the book was published in 1979, so it's a bit outdated).

The only real problem I had with the book is that even though it is called The Werewolf Delusion, Woodward spends several pages uncritically praising a crackpot who puts forth the theory that werewolves are the astral projection of disturbed people, in wolf form. Not only does he seem to accept this idiocy wholeheartedly, he even goes so far as to call it the best explanation of the werewolf phenomenon.

He does this in the first half, and I spent literally the entire second half of the book looking for the punchline, but it never came. It left a bad taste in my mouth, figuratively, and it made it difficult to take anything he said after that seriously.

So while it is a fairly good tour of werewolfery (and other were-beasts) through history, compiled from many good sources that came before him, and even though it has helped me in my research quite a bit (for instance, the whole 'anyone bit by a werewolf becomes a werewolf' and 'werewolves are innocent victims' parts of werewolf lore were invented entirely by Hollywood, and therefore do not belong in my stories), I am compelled to take at least one star away for his uncritical acceptance of complete and utter nonsense.
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