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Whispers in The Dark & A Taste of Temptation [PDF]

by Gayle Eden
"What a sensually salacious book Ms. Eden has delivered! ...This book is immured with erotic fervor that you can almost feel. The premise is original and satisfying. The dialogue is hot and fast-paced. The characters are highly passionate and will find yourself falling under their carnal spell." — Janalee, The Romance Studio
"Exciting characters, an exhilarating romance, interesting characterizations, and snappy dialogue make Whispers in the Dark a fantastic read for every historical romance fan. Roger and Joan-s story will have you hooked from beginning to end." — Sarah W., Fallen Angels Reviews

"Whispers in the Dark is an exhilarating story of seduction..." — Briana Burress,Romance Junkies

The Earl of Wythe is a notorious rake, with one goal in mind - to get Lady Joan Lecrox into his bed. Joan is doing the Season to please her Uncle Willy, who doesn't want Joan to settle for being an old maid, until she's had a taste of the Town. Joan is unique - she is also dead set on avoiding rakes and men in general, having learned some rather harsh lessons about impetuous passions. She is well aware of what Roger wants, and is determined to resist. Roger sets out to demolish her defenses, and a game of seduction and temptation begins. Whenever he can get Joan alone, he whispers to her, seductive, alluring promises that will introduce her to passion and the sensual world of lovers.

Besides sex… what do you need a woman for?"—Simon, Viscount Barrenger, Earl of Collingsworth.

Simon, a notorious rogue and drunkard, is known for his sexual prowess, meaningless relationships, and biting cynicism. However, behind the dissolute rakehell image, there lays a secret to his bitterness.

Abigail Forsythe has come to London to experience the ritual of the Season, despite her own disdain for the trappings of society. Raised by an eccentric aunt, Abby is well educated and loves a challenge. When she first meets the arrogant Simon, she longs to put him in his place. But fate is precarious and A Taste of Temptation is all it takes.

The chemistry between Abby and Simon is explosive and their need for one another is undeniable. All too quickly their affair spins out of control. From the heights of passion to the depths of pain, they fight against one another and destiny, giving of their bodies and eventually laying bare their hearts.

In this sequel to Whispers in the Dark, Gayle Eden delivers a memorable erotic romance. A Taste of Temptation is a tale about the transforming power of desire and love.
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