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Babe the Gallant Pig [PDF]

by Justine Korman Fontes
Babe The Gallant Pig

Does one of the barn yard animals want to be a sheepdog ? Yup its Babe but, his problem/problema is that hes' a pig. I'm serious I know hes' a pig with dreams and so much imagination.
The main characters are Babe, Fly, Mr. and Mrs. Hogget. Babe has so manypersonality, he is timmid, shy, persomistic and thinks positive in every one.fly:(a dogs name)is a bad dog who dosen't care for the sheeps feellings, now she is sweat and polite to the sheepand the sheep listens to what she says.the Hoggets, they almost gonna eat Babefor Christmas dinner but, Babe saved the sheeps from the sheep steallers.
This shows that the theme is that politness, can solve problems in life. I got that theme when Babe ask the sheep to politelyask the sheep to follow the directions, when Fly started to be polite to get the code to help babebe on the grand sheepdog trials.
Comparing the book with the movie, the book was better than the movie because the book explanes each chapter one by one. The movie has sound for music, mise-on-scene that makes the story interesting .
this book to me is heart worming companionship between a barn animal and a person. i would give this book/movie 3/4.
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Thank you! Great book!

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