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The Journey of Champions (The Journey Collection, #2) [PDF]

by Lisa Bilbrey
“The Journey of Champions” is a continuation of the story published in the Harvest Treats anthology entitled “The Journey Home”.

The first thing I want to mention was how I felt while reading this story. It was like slipping on an old comfy sweater, warm and comforting. Even with Travis in a different setting than he was in “The Journey Home”, the changes he had made were still evident. I remember sighing in delight several times while reading, happy that Travis was really moving on with his life.

Travis is in transition at this point. He’s tying up his loose ends in Miami so he can move back to Texas, back to Penelope and Max, permanently. At first thought, I imagined Travis would be making this journey on his own, as many great heros are forced to do. I was pleasantly surprised when Russ, Travis’ father, joins him as he is waiting for his plane.

What could have been a lonely and painful journey for Travis turned into a father/son bonding experience and a cleansing step forward in his new life. A little spoiler, Travis does make it back to Texas after a couple bumps in the road. I’m eagerly awaiting the third installment of this story, so I hope Bilbrey won’t keep me waiting long.
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