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Charging Ahead [PDF]

by John J. Berger
In Charging Ahead, acclaimed energy and natural resources specialist John J. Berger shows how renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles, when used together, can sustain in healthy economy and give us back a clean environment. Dr. Berger projects an inspiring yet realistic vision of this energy future and profiles the leading energy scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs now creating the solar, wind, geothermal, electric vehicle, and biomass industries that will revolutionize our world. Charging Ahead also realistically appraises current policies that have kept us reliant on oil, coal, uranium, and gas resources that pollute the atmosphere, exhaust our economy, and one day will become too expensive for the planet to bear. In uncovering America's current energy crisis, Berger shows how we can eliminate hundreds of billions of dollars a year in energy waste. Through engrossing tales of leading-edge companies, Charging Ahead dramatizes the high-stakes challenges of building the world's best solar power plants, solar cells, solar collectors, electric vehicles, and wind energy farms.
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