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Sense and Reference in Frege's Philosophy (Philosophy of Frege #4) [PDF]

by Hans D. Sluga
 General Introduction
 Volume Introduction
 Frege's Sinn and Bedeutung - Paul Wienpahl
 On Sinn as a Combination of Physical Properties - Richard Rudner
 Sense and Reference: A Reply - Willaim Marshall
 Russell's Objections to Frege's Theory of Sense and Reference - John R. Searle
 Hesperus and Phosphorus - Leonard Linsky
 Frege on Sense-Functions - Howard Jackson
 On the Frege-Church Theory of Meaning - R. M. Martin
 Sense and Reference - Leonard Linsky
 A Note on Frege on Sense - Victor H. Dudman
 The Meaning of "Bedeutung" in Frege - Ernst Tugendhat
 Frege's Problem of the Morning Star and the Evening Star - David Wiggins
 Bedeutung for Predicates - Victor H. Dudman
 On the Determination of Reference by Sense - David S. Shwayder
 Sense and Sense Data - Howard Jackson, Malcolm Acock
 Frege on Demonstratives - John Perry
 Frege's Distinction between Sense and Reference - Michael Dummett
 Frege - Gareth Evans
 Fregean Connection: Bedeutung, Value and Truth-Value - Gottfried Gabriel
 The Sense of a Name - Michael Luntley
 De Re Senses - John McDowell
 The Sense and Reference of Predicates: A Running Repair to Frege's Doctrine and a Plea for the Copula - David Wiggins
 Reference and Sense: An Epitome - David Bell
 Cognitive Significance without Cognitive Content - Howard Wettstein
 Acknowledgments
[PDF] Sense and Reference in Frege's Philosophy (Philosophy of Frege #4) download

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