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A General's Life [PDF]

by Omar Nelson Bradley
I am intrigued by the lot of American’s who were born in the 1890’s decade and lived life to it’s fullest in the 20th Century. Omar Bradley born in 1893 is yet another amazing individual.

Of all the famous WWII Army generals I selected Bradley as my first choice to read about his life history. As a youth he was poor, but his parents provided him with basic values that enriched him. The West Point graduate class of 1915 was afforded a curriculum in math, science and engineering that seems so lacking in many other higher educational institutions today. He was not flamboyant or charismatic, often shunning the limelight, but to his credit the athletic individual parlayed his strong educational skills to become a solid tactician a leader and consummate career Army officer.

Bradley’s military career spanned WWI, WWII and Korea and this autobiography (with assistance of his second wife) puts forth a detailed and very candid assessment particularly of WWII. His views on the Korean conflict shed much light on the rise of communist China. He aligned himself with General John J. Pershing and Sgt. Alvin York from WWI fame and during WWII he always looked up to his mentor General George C. Marshall. One will have to read the book to ascertain his opinions of other military leaders including, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Patton, Churchill, Montgomery and with many more.

After reading this book I have an even greater appreciation of General Bradley as a man.
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