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Proxy War (Phantom War Trilogy), Volume 1 [PDF]

by E.L. Speed
Volume One: Phantom War Trilogy
Written by E.L. Speed
Foreword by Dr. Angela Browne-Miller
“Proxy War immerses us in a fascinating yet chilling, romantic yet troubling story of love, war, heroism, confusion, and intrigue. Against the disturbing backdrop and hidden truth about the Vietnam War, E.L. Speed’s fascinating piece of historical fiction, Proxy War, tells the tale of two dishonest and strong willed presidents, a young diplomat on the brink of treason, and its star protagonist, a naval aviator and war hero. This hero, living the moral dilemma of the period, is increasingly and dangerously conflicted about his role in the War. Nevertheless, he puts his life on the line daily as he fights a Proxy War in the skies over Vietnam. Modern warfare and international affairs teach us that a proxy war is a particular type of war, a war played out in someone else’s backyard in hopes of keeping it away from home….
“Proxy War is indeed far, far more than a war story. This is the timeless story of the search for honor, truth, and dignity – all in the context of an intensely controversial war and a perilous global Cold War reality, both landmark predicaments of those times. The reader glimpses death as an acceptable solution but only if it is not meaningless. Duty, a rather complex psychological phenomenon, provides the key to understanding choices made, such as the choice to continue fighting while questioning war’s very raison d’etre.”
Dr. Angela Browne-Miller
Author, Foreword, Proxy War
Author, Violence and Abuse in Society
Author, To Have and To Hurt
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[PDF] Proxy War (Phantom War Trilogy), Volume 1 download

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