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Tiny House Living (Tiny House Living... Tiny House lifestyle, Tiny House Movement Book 2) [PDF]

by Chris Wright
Tiny House Living
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People have been joining the Tiny house movement for many reasons, but the top two reasons are environmental concerns and financial concerns.

For many Americans a third to half of their income is spent on their home. That's about fifteen years of working over the course of a lifetime just to pay for a house and that leaves about seventy-six percent of Americans living paycheck to paycheck. The total cost of a traditional home including purchase price, down payment, principle, interest, taxes, insurance, maintenance and major repairs is over a million dollars of the course of thirty years. Tiny houses can cut that amount by a lot.

Improve your life with a Tiny House

But the Tiny House Movement is just about smaller houses, it's about leaving a smaller footprint. Tiny living encompasses tiny houses, environmental consciousness, self sufficiency, life simplification, and sound fiscal plans. The numbers don't lie. Stats about tiny house owners verses owners of traditional house show that tiny house owners have it good. Sixty-eight percent of tiny house owners have no mortgage compared to twenty-nine percent of all United States home owners. Seventy-eight percent of tiny house owners own their house compared to sixty-five percent of home-owners with traditional houses.

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A History of Small Living The Growing Nation Why Tiny Houses Barriers to Tiny Houses How to Tiny House: Case Studies Much, much more!
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