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The Wolf With The Silver Smile (Silver, #2) [PDF]

by Samantha Bates
Womaniser Nicky is caught in a trap of friendship, never having been in this place before he is out of his depth and lost. The complete innocence in Morgan astounds him, she becomes his best friend and a woman he has fallen deeply in love with. Not knowing how to proceed with these new and intense feelings, or willing to risk his friendship with Morgan, Nicky refuses to act on them.

Running from her past, can Morgan trust Nicky enough to help and protect her, without breaking her heart? Is it a risk she can take? When her enemies find her, she has no choice but to trust Nicky and the Silver Wolf Pack. What she never expected to find was the mother who abandoned her or her soul mate. The biggest shock to Morgan is coming face to face with the wolf who protected her in her dreams, who loved and cared for her during her darkest days.

The gods and godesses are watching the Silver Wolf Pack, knowing that they have the power to unite the species in a fight where good will need to triumph over evil.
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PublisherSamantha Bates
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Release date 02.09.2011
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Thank you! Great book!

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