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Homestuck, Act 1 (Homestuck, #1) [PDF]

by Andrew Hussie
Two years to read, my foot. I know a challenge when I hear one!

Maki: I started reading Homestuck.
Raven: WHY?
Maki: Because the one area in life where peer pressure affects me is in my reading.
Raven: But why would you willingly do that to yourself? That's like reading InuYasha. On purpose.
Maki: Need I remind you that you're talking to someone who willingly read the worst piece of fan fiction ever written?
Raven: ...point taken. You need help.
Maki: This should not be news to you. I've been telling you that for years.

So, yeah. I started reading Homestuck. Well, I suppose I use the term "read" loosely - it's a lot of reading, with some interactive elements thrown in there. It's a very interesting concept. The webcomic is something like a hybrid between a book and a video game, with very little actual game play involved. At least, in the first chapter.

The series has a few published books, but I can't help but wonder if the interactive elements could be incorporated into an e-book. There was that animated .gif book cover last year. It would neat if something like that could be done with the various animations in the story.


The story style itself is a of parody of old point-and-click adventure games, and from what I understand, the beginning chapters relied heavily on reader input commands. That practice was eventually done away with when the fan base grew too large to adequately accommodate that practice, which makes sense, although the fans are still incorporated into the story in other ways in the later chapters.

That's what I've heard, anyway. I'm only up to Act 3 at this point.

Act 1 is fairly slow, with a lot of John running back and forth. There's a lot to set up, and the story hadn't quite hit its stride at this point, so I can understand the slow pacing. However, it still makes for a lengthy read, especially when the story starts explaining the technical aspects of the plot. Like, actually technical aspects. There is math involved.

The first act does have its moments, though.
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