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Animal Stories 2 [PDF]

by Lari Don
This story is based on a Korean folk tale. A merchant is making his way to the market when he comes across a beautiful tiger that has fallen down a hole. The merchant is kind enough to help the tiger out of the hole but once he has helped him out, the tiger decides that he wants to eat him! The merchant doesn't think this is fair as he did the tiger a good deed and doesn’t believe it should be repaid with a bad deed. They ask the local plants and animals what they think. A hare settles the argument by telling the tiger and the merchant to assume their beginning positions and then see if the merchant decides to rescue the tiger again after all.

I thought this book was ideal for beginner readers to work through chapter by chapter, as the vocabulary is simple and the sentences are short. I like the fact that there is a moral dilemma in the story as it can help children to develop social skills. They are encouraged to think about how they would settle an argument and whether you should repay good deeds with good deeds or bad.

It could be read by the class teacher to the whole class or it could be used for guided reading sessions in schools. I would use it in a Key Stage 1 class. It could be followed by further activities such as discussions about what is right and what is wrong, role play, arts and crafts activities and learning about the world.
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Thank you! Great book!

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