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Paradox [PDF]

by Jim Al-Khalili
A fun and fascinating look at great scientific paradoxes.

 Throughout history, scientists have come up with theories and ideas that just don't seem to make sense.These we call paradoxes.The paradoxes Al-Khalili offers are drawn chiefly from physics and astronomy and represent those that have stumped some of the finest minds.For example, how can a cat be both dead and alive at the same time?Why will Achilles never beat a tortoise in a race, no matter how fast he runs?And how can a person be ten years older than his twin?

 With elegant explanations that bring the reader inside the mind of those who've developed them, Al-Khalili helps us to see that, in fact, paradoxes can be solved if seen from the right angle.Just as surely as Al-Khalili narrates the enduring fascination of these classic paradoxes, he reveals their underlying logic.In doing so, he brings to life a select group of the most exciting concepts in human knowledge.Paradox is mind-expanding fun.
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Thank you! Great book!

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