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Witness [PDF]

by Matt Dorff
Witness is a beginning, an origin story, and the remarkable continuation of the story of Jesus. Here is a graphic novel that shows, scene by scene, how the very pillars of Christianity were constructed. Witness the prophetic visions, miracles, angelic visitations, wondrous births, and unbreakable family bonds that launched the grand saga of Jesus life. Witness transports you to the holy land at the dawn of the first century and brings you face-to-face with Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist, the Angel Gabriel, and more. It is a riveting journey through the Gospels that is freshly envisioned, brilliantly arranged, and thrillingly brought to life.

Firstborn, the first adventure in The Last Adam graphic novel series, was translated by Father Mark Arey exclusively from ancient Gospel manuscripts. Father Mark, who also translated The Book of Revelation, brings a lifetime of deep study and biblical training to this monumental endeavor. His work has produced a narrative harmony that weaves the four Gospels into a single continuous story, of which Firstborn is the opening chapter.

The magnificence of this foundational literature is realized through the exquisite and enchanting illustrations of artist Kai Carpenter. Adapted and edited into graphic novel form by Matt Dorff (also The Book of Revelation), with letters and title designs by Carlton Riffel, Firstborn illuminates the story of Jesus' birth and early life through gloriously detailed and inspiring imagery. In embarking on this journey through the pages of Firstborn, you will find that by pairing ancient verses with original imagery new life is breathed into the accounts of Jesus story as expressed through the gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke and John."
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