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A Divine Revelation of Hell [PDF]

by Mary K. Baxter
This book is absolute bullshit.

God-awful bullshit.

Yet another reason for Christians to look like that weird kid down the street who put ants on his tongue and always smelled like congealed sweat.

Yet another piece of "theological" fiction that is grounded in nothing but the imagination of the (most likely) quite clinically disturbed author.

"Hmmm...I wonder what will sell? I will never make any money as a legitimate author, so howabout I write Christian fiction? That's it!!!!"

What you get, is a storybook written to scare the hell out of you, and turn you into a good, proper Christian again. again. again. again. again.

To give you a rundown, this crazy chick whose name just screams, "I grew up in a Mennonite cult!", Mary K. Baxter, claims that Jesus Christ Himself woke her soul up in the middle of the night, and took her down to hell over the course of a month or so, showing her the atrocities that await those who forget to bless their meals, indulge in oral sex, say words like "shit", and, worst of all - fail to tithe 10% to the First Baptist Church down the street. The scene-setting is described the way 'the Evil Dead' (starring the Almighty Bruce Campbell)((watch it!)) looked.

The only true hell found within this book, is the process of reading it.

File next toJoel Osteen,Pat Robertson, and other "Jesus-gonna-getcha" books like the 'Left Behind' series.

Throw this in the lake of fire.

Or, just your backyard weenie roast.


This book was a big hit in the Christian bookstore world back when it came out, and, to capitalize...err..I mean expound upon the blessing of this miraculous revelation supposedly given to Mrs. Baxter by Christ, the author went on to publish her further adventures with Jesus (a la 'Gullivers' Travels') under the titles, "A Divine Revelation of Heaven", "A Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm", and "A Divine Revelation of Spiritual Warfare", (dis)respectfully. So, basically, after taking her to hell, Jesus shows her heaven, and then an up-closer look at angels and demons. Right. This just keeps better and better. Let me guess, next there's going to be some black riders, gay midgets, and a whole lot of friggin' walking?!
Nah. Just kidding, I love the 'Rings. And Gulliver's Travels. Come to think of it, I'm a fan of quality epic fantasy, in general. Kind of like Dante and Milton.

Which brings us full-circle, back to this review: Mary K. Baxter, your magnum opus is terrible. I mean, you're a bad writer and all, but the main thing, really, is that this story ALREADY FUCKING EXISTS; it's called 'Paradise Lost'. Perhaps you've heard of it. Probably not, though, as the only thing worth readin' is the word o' King James, right?
Nice attempt at capitalizing on something that was done a few hundred years before your great-grandfather was a tadpole, but your prose ain't poetic, and your writing sure ain't epic, bitch. It's ordinary. Is there much worse than that.

I imagine even Jesus hates your book - especially the part about you exploiting people who are susceptible to 'Christian' marketing ploys.

Here's my 'Divine Revelation', Mary Baxter: Go buy yourself a fucking title chef. And may God have mercy on your greedy black soul.
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