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Final Edit [PDF]

by Robert A. Carter
Just goes to prove you shouldn't judge a book by its cover—which is quite striking, but the book itself is a buptke.I bought this when it came out, and it sat on the shelf for a dozen years or so.Then last week I finally got around to it."Final Edit" is an easy read, but a very poor mystery—one of the weakest I've read in a long time.The hero is a book publisher who likes to bloviate in the first person about his likes and dislikes, and he sort of has an interest inplaying sleuth—especially when his star editor (a much-hated fellow, don't you know) is offed, but the real armchair detective is the hero's brother, who is confined to a wheelchair and has only a couple of minor scenes—shades of Nero Wolf (but he's not fat—just lost the use of his legs in a accident many moons ago).When our hero's new girlfriend is killed, it barely rates a "gee whiz, that's a tough break" from the guy; but when his ex-wife suggests they attempt to solve the mystery by treating it as they did a "murder cruise" several years back he can hardly hold back his enthusiasm—even though the exercise proves absolutely pointless.When his brother comes up with the solution going through some computer files, we have to wait for the publisher/hero to gather all the suspects in his office while the disgruntled cops look on.Finally the murderer is revealed—but, anyone paying even modest attention figured out who done it when the character first showed up.A waste of trees and time.
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