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The Devil in the Bottle (Vigilantes of Montana, #3) [PDF]

by Carol Buchanan
After Vigilantes ended a criminal conspiracy in Alder Gulch during the winter of 1863-1864, they founded a “People’s Court” to administer justice.

At the same time, the notorious Joseph (aka Jack) Slade, who once ruled 600 hostile miles of the Overland Stage Line, has settled near Alder Gulch with his wife and adopted son. Although he ruled by violence and intimidation, Overland passengers and the mail traveled on time, in safety. But Slade’s binge drinking wrecked his career when he and his men destroyed Army supplies at Fort Halleck. He continues his destructive sprees in Alder Gulch, despite his friends' attempts to persuade him to stop.

Dan Stark, the Vigilante prosecutor one of his friends, thinks there’s a devil in the bottle for Slade. He worries that someone could be killed when Slade takes the town.

Early in March 1864, while on a spree, Slade holds a gun to the judge's head and tells the Vigilantes they are “all played out.”

Slade rules.

Dan and the other Vigilantes face a horrible choice. By yielding to Slade, they expose honest people to the criminals’ return. Yet he has committed no capital crime to justify hanging him.

Will the devil in the bottle get Jack Slade?
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