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Her Personal Sex Slave [PDF]

by Colleen Anderson
The Gazrus energy corporation became practically a superpower in the energy field when the North Sea proved to be a lucrative source of natural gas. Within five short years, the company has taken over all of Western Europe's gas needs.

At the heart of Gazrus is Varia Rudenko, the billionaire heiress of diamond tycoon Vassily Rudenko and one with both an acute eye for detail and a ruthless mind for business. Her talents made her a force to be reckoned with in the dirty energy business.

When rival company AmeriOil's deal with Sheik Bashar Al-Walid unraveled, it was Varia who dove into the Qatar market as quickly as possible. This decision, of course, was met unfavorably among the other oil corporations that had hoped to jump into the power vacuum that AmeriOil left behind.

The other CEOs knew that Varia was the one truly running Gazrus and they were willing to do whatever it takes to remove her from the picture.

They didn't count on her turning the tables around.
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