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Islanders And, The Fisher Of Men [PDF]

by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Zamyatin's cynical warmth and bleakly sardonic view of humanity is here turned upon the England in which he resided for some time during WWI, foreign lands which (as others have noted) became the model for homogenized dystopian society in his later warnings about Russia's post-Revolution path. Here, respectable faces without the least variation uphold propriety while nudging tragic events onto courses they will then placidly condemn. Strange how many engaging characterizations turn up amid the doom and hypocrisy, nonetheless, all part of the magic of Zamyaytin's deft synechdoche and deep understanding of very different facets of the human race. A good companion to his even finer A God-forsaken Hole, or the excellent "The North", composed around the same time.

This completes all of Zamyatin's novels and novellas, as far as I know, tragically. Maybe some great lost novel of his later Parisian years will yet turn up, though.
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