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More Than Honor (Worlds of Honor, #1) [PDF]

by David Weber
This is an anthology of three short stories and a host of technical information (non-story, but about the story universe).The first story is a precursor to one of the David Weber spin-off series about Stephanie Harrington, Honor semi-famous ancestor who was first to befriend a tree cat.

I found the story wonderful and it was one of those rare tales that was something I could share with my daughter. Tree cats, an 11 year old girl, and a mystery over celery and an adventure on a wilderness world.What more could you ask for.

The second story, by David Drake, another space opera veteran, was also wonderful, but different.Drake's style is very similar to Weber's and the story blends well with the Honor-verse.

The third story is actually the untold story of a coup attempt in the Peoples Republic of Haven.The event is referenced with scant details in the long Honor Harrington Series and told in greater detail here.The stile is slightly different than Weber's, darker, smoother and highlights a wonderful thing about the Honor-verse that Weber (with collaboration from others) has created.

Weber's "Honor-verse" has room for other great writers to share.The stories from others, like Drake, aren't outside the main story.Where he can, Weber includes their work and allows it to influence his.The reason I stopped reading the first book of the Crown of Slaves trilogy is because it is about a character started by David Drake in a short story in the third anthology.Rather than re-telling it, Weber simply referred to it.

I became frustrated looking for the character and where they came from until I found a wiki-Weber-info website that tracked down the story.

That highlights one of the few problems with the Honor-verse and all of the stories.I really, really like the way Weber has all of the story plots intertwined with his main Honor Harrington story.I like the spin offs and thse short stories are fabulous for sci-fi shorts.

The problem is that they do not fit together seamlessly.The first book might fit in between Honor 8 and 9 of a trilogy and then overlap the next two honor books.The stories use the short stories as background info and setting, or even as fodder for characters but that's hard to track down and requires extra effort to keep straight.

Still these are three excellent short stories.You do not have to read any other story to enjoy them.(More the other way around.) I recommend them to anyone who enjoys short sci-fi stories.(Especially the first one.)
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