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I Wish I Knew That [PDF]

by James Doyle
Where on earth will you find a more exciting look at the world around us?

Explore the world's continents, countries, and capital cities, and marvel at the planet's most extraordinary physical features-from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans-in a lighthearted mix of text, diagrams, maps, and amusing illustrations that will captivate children and encourage them to keep trekking. Divided into bite-size chunks, this book presents kids with a world of knowledge in the coolest ways possible and includes:

a whirlwind tour of what planet Earth is made of and its position in the solar system. a look at the continents, with a listing of all the countries and their capital cities. forest fun facts and "tree-via." a chart of the world's largest deserts and the venomous animals that live there. an exciting journey across the ocean floor.

Filled with hundreds of cool ways to remember the tallest, largest, longest, and most desolate, I Wish I Knew That: Geography is the perfect companion to help kids get a grip on the globe.
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Thank you! Great book!

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