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Diabetes to Wholeness [PDF]

by Beth M. Ley
Diabetes! Treatable and Preventable!

Learn Optimal Eating Habits For a Lifetime of Optimal Health

Diabetes is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. It also inflicts serious suffering in the form of blindness, nerve damage, heart disease, stroke, circulatory problems, gangrene and loss of limbs.

In just 25 years, the incidence of diabetes has increased over 600%, accounting for over 300,000 (mostly preventable) deaths each year.

Find out:
- How to prevent and naturally treat diabetes AND the complications associated with it.

- The early warning signs of glucose intolerance and Syndrome X - a Type II diabetes precursor.

- The significance of:
Lipoic Acid & other antioxidants
Chromium, Zinc & other trace minerals
Gymnema Sylvestre, Momordica, Bilberry & other herbs
Beta Glucan, Flax & other fibers
Whole foods & low glycemic index foods
Stevia - the SAFE, natural sugar alternative
Refined foods, trans fatty acids & much more!

- What foods to eat, what foods to avoid. (Recipies included!)

- What the Word of God has to say about issues you need to examine in your life to obtain and maintain wholeness and optimum health.

Don't cut your life short!

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Thank you! Great book!

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