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Coral and Coral Reefs [PDF]

by Thomas Henry Huxley
This short book* is a transcript of a lecture given by the famous Darwinist Thomas Henry Huxley in Manchester, England on 4 Nov. 1970. It is over 43 years old and it reads like it. While it is a good source for learning about how red and white coral reefs grow in different oceanic environments, it is obviously dated as everyone knows that the hot topic these day pertaining to coral reefs is the dangers posed to their existence, something that apparently was not even on the radar in 1970. This book is free on Kindle, and I can see it being of use to someone studying the history of marine biology. I give it 2 out of 5 stars.

*I believe the print edition is only about 55 pages long.
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1. Persia Emily | 18.12.2016 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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