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Whispers 1 [PDF]

by Stuart David Schiff
A collection of horror stories.Some reprinted from the magazine Whispers, some original to this anthology.

Included are:

"Sticks" - Karl Edward Wagner
"The Barrow Troll" - David Drake
"The Glove" - Fritz Leiber
"The Closer of the Way" - Robert Bloch
"Dark Winner" - William F. Nolan
"Ladies in Waiting" - Hugh B. Cave
"White Moon Rising" - Dennis Etchison
"Graduation" - Richard Christian Matheson
"Mirror, Mirror" - Ray Russell
"The House of Cthulhu" - Brian Lumley
"Antiquities" - John Crowley
"A Weather Report From the Top of the Stairs" - James Sallis and David Lunde
"The Scallion Stone" - Basil A. Smith
"The Inglorious Rise of the Catsmeat Man" - Robin Smyth
"The Pawnshop" - Charles E. Fritch
"Le Miroir" - Robert Aickman
"The Willow Platform" - Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Dakwa" - Manly Wade Wellman
"Goat" - David Campton
"The Chimney" - Ramsey Campbell

Illustrations by Stephen Fabian, Lee Brown Coye, Mike Garcia, Tim Kirk, Frank Utpatel, George Barr
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Thank you! Great book!

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