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The Journey Home (Sunstrike #2) [PDF]

by Bev Robitai
When a massive solar storm obliterates earth’s technology, a carefree young man named Bradley finds himself stranded at an Indonesian holiday resort far from home. He faces a long and perilous journey back home to New Zealand to help his widowed mother, encountering storms, dangerous wildlife, and others seeking to profit from unwary travellers. Faced with destruction, deception and death on his travels, he grows up fast.
In 2012, a powerful solar storm just missed the Earth but was big enough to "knock modern civilization back to the 18th century," according to NASA. The extreme space weather that ripped through Earth's orbit was the most powerful in 150 years, according to a statement posted on the US space agency website. Scientists analysing the data said it would have been comparable to the largest known space storm in 1859, known as the Carrington event. It would have been twice as bad as the 1989 solar storm that knocked out power across Quebec.
The National Academy of Sciences has said the economic impact of a storm like the one in 1859 could cost the modern economy more than two trillion dollars and cause damage that might take years to repair. Solar storms can cause widespread power blackouts, disabling everything from communications to water supplies - most of which rely on electric pumps.
The storms begin with an explosion on the Sun's surface, known as a solar flare, sending X-rays and extreme UV radiation toward Earth at light speed. Then coronal mass ejections, billion-ton clouds of magnetized plasma, take a day or more to reach the Earth. These are often deflected by Earth's magnetic shield, but a direct hit would be devastating. That’s sunstrike.
The Sunstrike series of novels explores the effects of a massive solar storm on everyday life, showing how society is affected and offering ideas for survival.
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