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A Six-Letter Word for Death [PDF]

by Patricia Moyes
This book felt a bit ponderous at the beginning, and I thought I might set it aside, but I'm glad I didn't! Once I got past the ponderous opening, I had a hard time putting it down. Also, I thought it was going to be difficult to keep the various characters and non de plumes straight!, but luckily my copy (off the library give-away shelf) has a hand-written guide in the back. (I would recommend readers do similar [in a piece of scrap paper, if you are not keen on writing in books or have a library copy!].)

In many ways, the book is a classic whodunit with the re-created event and a big reveal - but it was also more than that. And during the "big reveal" when Tibbetts states one event at odds with what I knew he had previously discovered, I began to wonder if the author had lost it and made a big gaffe. But no, that was part of his plan.
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Thank you! Great book!

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