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The Burning House [PDF]

by H. David Blalock
This is part two of a six-part fantasy series about Andalarn Thran, Jarl (leader) of House Thran, one of several Houses on the island of Adylonis. For several centuries, no House has had the power to become Ascendant (to become "Crown Prince" of Adylonis, under the Emperor on the mainland). Therefore, the choice of Andalarn Thran, by the Council at Moorkai, to become Ascendant, is guaranteed to upset a lot of people. Foremost among these is House Suum, a military House who would like nothing more than to wipe House Thran off the map.

With Andalarn’s promotion, he must move to Moorkai and hand over House Thran to Daepar, his son. Daepar knew this day would come, but he still dreads the responsibility. House Suum is on the move, and Daepar is reluctant to send troops, against the advice of his advisors. His wife’s father, a member of the Council at Moorkai, is assassinated, and she demands revenge. Daepar meets, and is smitten with, the daughter of another House, and they enter into a political marriage, while he is still married (legal, but unorthodox). Andalarn and his wife are very overdue at Moorkai; the first thought is that they have been captured by House Suum. Daepar takes several men, and goes to search for them, also against his advisor’s wishes. Andalarn is found, and when he hears about how bad things have gotten at House Thran, he removes Daepar as Jarl, and appoints Lady Mara, Daepar’s wife, as regent until their young son comes of age. This is undone by the Emperor. Finally, Daepar realizes that, on several different levels, he has messed up, big time.

This is another strong, well done piece of writing. It has good characters, it’s just weird enough to be interesting and fantasy fans will love it.

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Thank you! Great book!

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