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Acting Like Family [PDF]

by J.J. Massa
Riker Montgomery, a famous actor and werewolf, finds yet another uninvited woman asleep in his hotel bed. Used to encountering many of these fans, Riker is prepared to send this one on her way, but soon realizes that she is his mate. Finally finding the one woman who can make his life complete, Riker falls asleep with her in his arms, only to wake the next day to find her gone. Desperate to find Bet, Riker begins an endless search, which continually comes up futile. Bethany Black, a writer, has never met a man like Riker before. When she learns that he is a famous actor who is always finding women in his bed, she is embarrassed and ashamed and runs away. Before long she realizes her mistake and tries to contact Riker. When she finds out she's pregnant, she tries again to reach him. Her letters are intercepted by Riker's lawyer and jealous cousin, August Livingston. Auggie believes that only pureblood werewolves should be Alphas and will do whatever it takes to bring Riker down and assume what he believes to be his rightful position as pack leader. When he learns that Bethany Black, a human, has given birth to Riker's pups, he's determined to use her to obtain his goals. The fates of the pack and the lives of their pups lie in the hands of Riker and Bethany. But will they be reunited before it is too late for them all?
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Release date 03.09.2005
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Thank you! Great book!

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