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Carr's Illustrated Dictionary of Extra-Ordinary Cricketers [PDF]

by J.L. Carr
In such a small book it is amazing that there are such a myriad of interesting and odd-ball facts about cricket and cricketers, all set out in alphabetical order.

The editor has done extremely well to find those which are not commonplace and therefore will probably have been little seen or known about.

My particular favourites relate to those with literary connections such as George Bernard Shaw being told that England had been successful in the Australian Tests. To which Shaw enquired as to what they had been testing!

Also a Mr Grundy, a Bearsted wheelwright, who, in 1910, was furnished with a diagram by the poet Edward Thomas for a new wooden leg for W. H. Davies (wasn't his 'Autobiography of a Super Tramp' a fascinating read?). Unfortunately the maker was not told exactly what it was and he made out a bill 'For a Curiosity Cricket Bat'!

And there is a mention of Lancashire's opening pair, Hornby and Barlow, immortalised in Francis Thompson's poem 'At Lord's' with the line 'The run stealers flickered to and fro, to and fro' - magical stuff!

Of course there are some pure cricket references like Mr Darnell who around 1867 took 10 Thornton Heath wickets for no runs and with no extras the side were all out for nought. And the only lady canonised in Wisden, Mrs Martha Grace, is also given a mention.
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