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Stephen Sondheim's Crossword Puzzles [PDF]

by Stephen Sondheim
I'm lucky to own a copy of this book, collected cryptic crosswords from Stephen Sondheim's contributions to New York Magazine in the late '60s. These puzzles are not your typical crosswords; they're instead challenging mindgames which often involve two or three levels. For instance, after cracking the cryptic clue, you may then need to think outside the box to find the 'light' (the answer to go in the diagram). Once those are done, you may again need to alter the diagram to crack the final code and get the answer.

These puzzles are very enjoyable, although they are a bit let down by the fact that a) they are harder to do if you did not live in the US in the 1960s, and b) occasionally they are quite obscure. However, as Sondheim says in his introduction, there is nothing like the pleasure of staring at a clue for several minutes (hours..., days....) before the cogs start to turn in your mind. Keep going at it!
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