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“Loving Boys”, Semiotext(e) Special Intervention Series 2, (e) Special Intervention Series 2, (Summer 1980) [PDF]

by Sylvère Lotringer
3 interviews and a short article from Foucault that offer varying perspectives on child liberation/sexuality.Moffett's interview is perhaps most interesting, seeing as he was 15 when the interview (with Lotringer) was conducted, and he had been having sex with men since he was 13.He's very well spoken and confident in his ideology for his age, which I think sheds light on how helpful freedom really is.The interview with Thorstad, who was a founder of NAMBLA, offers another perspective, this time from the position of the man in the man/boy "love" relationship.He is fairly confident as well, and despite the demonization suffered by NAMBLA, he paints an image that at least at the beginning is something very much worthy of support (and he points out that there were also boy members at it's start [Moffett included:]).The ideology he suggests is aligned heavily with that which Tony Duvert sets forth in another Semiotext(e) title, Good Sex Illustrated, and that Guy Hocquenghem (who interviews Thorstad) suggests in his Homosexual Desire.The third interview is with "feminist" sexual liberation proponent Kate Millet, who insists upon the necessity of making the liberation effort less about man/boy love and more about the liberation of children's desire in general—and even beyond that, their liberation/freedom within society (which I agree with, though I think her thoughts are still somewhat restricted, as the interviewer points out).Foucault's miniature essay (which I guess is taken from a radio show) I found less interesting than the interviews that precede it, but it does shed some light on Foucault's thoughts on the matter.Recommended.
[PDF] “Loving Boys”, Semiotext(e) Special Intervention Series 2, (e) Special Intervention Series 2, (Summer 1980) download

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