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W-Symmetry [PDF]

by Kareljan Schoutens
W"-symmetry is an extension of conformal symmetry in two dimensions. Since its introduction in 1985, "W"-symmetry has become one of the central notions in the study of two-dimensional conformal field theory. The mathematical structures that underlie "W"-symmetry are so-called "W"-algebras, which are higher-spin extensions of the Virasoro algebra. This book contains a collection of papers on "W"-symmetry, covering the period from 1985 through 1993. Its main focus is the construction of "W"-algebras and their representation theory. A recurrent theme is the intimate connection between "W"-algebras and affine Lie algebras. Some of the applications, in particular "W"-gravity, are also covered.The significance of this reprint volume is that there are no textbooks entirely devoted to the subject.Contents: History and BackgroundClassical "W"-Algebras and Their Connection to Toda Field TheoriesQuantum "W"-AlgebrasQuantum Drinfel'd-Sokolov ReductionCoset ConstructionsW Type Algebras"W"-Gravity and "W"-Strings
Readership: Students and researchers in the field of conformal field theory.
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