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101 Reasons the '90s Ruled [PDF]

by M.C. King
The '90s were so money! Sit back and relive ten of the best years of your so-called life...Presidential scandals, rap feuds, "Baywatch —" the '90s had it all. It was the decade during which we first visited "90210" and had coffee with our "Friends." We got on the Web and started to Google and lol. We learned that a show about nothing can definitely be something, and that men and women hail from different planets! (Who knew?) And for at least a second or two, we may have wondered whether the Blair Witch was "real."

The perfect companion to E!'s "101 Reasons the '90s Ruled" miniseries, this book relives memorable moments from a momentous decade. Every page will make you say, "Dude, I totally remember that." Unless, of course, you are very, very young (or don't call people "dude)." Packed with cool photos and irreverent commentary, "101 Reasons the '90s Ruled" is "Absolutely Fabulous."
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Thank you! Great book!

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