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The Rocky Mountain Saga [PDF]

by Rory Chambers
The Rocky Mountain Saga is a collection of three novellas by Rory Chambers.

Steel Glances:
Kristen's life gets more complicated as she deals with losing the only man she's really ever loved....her father, only to find out that almost everything she has ever known was a lie. Her only ally as she's running to save her life from someone trying to kill her is her father's neighbor, an ex-police officer and writer, who knows just how to get under Kristen's skin. Circumstances push the two together and they learn that they are more compatible than they first thought.

This book is a novella, or about 27,000 words, and is filled with love, passion, intrigue and mystery.

Identity Crisis:
Just as Kristen and Steel think the past is behind them, their wedding reception is attended by an unwelcome guest who puts them face to face with the demons they have tried so hard to forget. Julie, Kristen's long time best friend, must fight for her life as she's kidnapped and held for ransom. Her only hope to be saved is James Kawoski, Steel's ex-boss and Best Man. To find out more about their budding romance, you'll have to read the book.

This book is a novella of approximately 21,000 words.

Legally Comatose:
Tanya Kawoski, an elementary school teacher, and her fiance, Michel are all set to go on their first vacation together. That vacation gets side-tracked, though, when Michel is attacked. Tanya's brother James has to help his sister figure out who attacked Michel and keep all three of them out of danger.

This book is a novella, or about 18,000 words, and is filled with love, passion, intrigue and mystery.

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