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Double-Cross My Heart [PDF]

by Carol Rose
New contemporary romance by the author of the bestselling romance "Always"

She’s got a secret.
She’s got a problem.
She’s got a guy who isn’t playing straight.

Cosmetics corporate executive Eden Merritt has a secret she’s kept under wraps for years. But just when she thinks she’s finally going to get the top job at Michele Cosmetics, the most shocking crisis springs up from a completely unexpected source.

Eden is betrayed by her former mentor, aging Michele Broussard, who’s giving the CEO spot to her elderly fiancé’s niece!

Stunned by this sudden, unexpected reversal, Eden turns for comfort to a guy who’s pretty high up in the business world himself. Corporate raider Alex Holt sprang into her life one night a month before when he rescued her from a mugger in a dark parking lot.

But Alex has some secrets of his own. A bruised spot in his past drives him to hide his heart and focus his energy on making money, at all costs. With his eye on the cosmetic company where she works, he arranged to rescue Eden that night because he knows she’s in a position to give him vital information he needs to get his hands on the faltering company.

In coaxing her to help him, he doesn’t directly threaten to expose Eden’s little secret, but Alex reveals that he knows all about it. Eden is quick to realize what that means.

Neither are playing straight, but they're headed straight for love.

Here's what reviewers are saying about this book:

“Carol Rose snags you from the very first and keeps you engaged in the story until the very end.”~5 star Amazon review

“This book was a great erotic romance. I was charmed by both main characters and I loved the story line.”

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